Shop Overview

We sell a variety of items that are very unique and unusual. Many of our products are inspired by the lives and visions of Our Blessed Mother and Jesus. 

 "Mysteries of the Holy Rosary"

Holy Cards

All cards depict a scene or symbol inspired from the scripture. All of the holy cards are lamented with a tear from the Blessed Virgin Mary from her many sorrows and joys. These cards contain special graces with special prayers for healing, conversion, etc. 

 "Holding Jesus in the Rain"


The Missionary Priest, Father Don Primi, creates artwork inspired by visions and scenes from the Holy Mother. Many of the art pieces depict the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph as they were when they lived in Isreal. Some of the creations also show the artist's close relationship with our lord Jesus Christ and his most Holy Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.  


Other Media

In addition to holy cards and religious artwork, we also offer a wide variety of other media. We can supply you with the latest and greatest religious DVDs, books, music CDs, and so much more. We have selected items that may inspire individuals and families to be more connected to faith.